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The faculty of Agricultural Engineering & Technology has to shoulder the responsibilities of increasing the capacity of the students of Agricultural Engineering and Food Engineering programmes for nation building activities. By providing high quality services to students, the faculty significantly contributes in improving the capabilities of its student and helps develop the country in the long run. Agricultural Engineering and Food Engineering implies the application of engineering principles to agriculture in order to boost up production to sustain the process of human development. As such it includes the areas of agricultural machinery, irrigation and water management, farm structures, post harvest technology, food processing and preservation, system analysis and computer science in agriculture. The Faculty of Agricultural Engineering & Technology of Bangladesh Agricultural University is the only institution in the country to render such education in the country. The faculty has started implementing the new curricula and the syllabuses since 2002. It offers two separate degree programmes, one for B.Sc. Agricultural Engineering and another for B. Sc. Food Engineering. This brochure contains mainly the new curricula and the syllabuses of both the degree programmes as well as post-graduate degree programmes. In addition, it also reflects the resources available for successful implementation of the programmes. I believe this booklet will be useful to those who are interested in the activities of this faculty, including employers home and abroad. I would like to acknowledge my gratitude to those whose untiring efforts made this booklet come out successfully. I would also like to acknowledge my gratitude to the Vice Chancellor of Bangladesh Agricultural University for encouragement towards making this brochure published.

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Dr. Md. Rakib  Hassan
Dr. Md. Rakib Hassan



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