Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Bioinformatics Engineering

A new undergraduate degree in Bangladesh

Under the Faculty of Agricultural Engineering and Technology, BAU, Mymensingh.

1. What is Bioinformatics Engineering?

Bioinformatics is a new, exciting area of science, blending technologies from computing, mathematics, statistics and biology. It is the application of computer science to biological research. On the other hand, Bioinformatics Engineering is mainly an undergraduate degree in Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) with an additional knowledge of biology. The course curricula contain all of the core CSE courses which will enable the graduates to apply both in CSE and bioinformatics related jobs.

2. Bioinformatics Engineering from BAU

Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU) has the teaching and lab facilities of all the domains of bioinformatics engineering degree which includes CSE, mathematics, statistics and molecular biology. It is the first undergraduate degree on Bioinformatics Engineering in Bangladesh.

3. Job Opportunities

A bioinformatics engineering graduate will have the knowledge of both CSE and molecular biology. Therefore, this degree will offer good prospects with excellent job opportunities in all the fields of CSE including other fields of biology (e.g., agricultural farms and industries, genetic engineering, drug research and development, etc) in Bangladesh & abroad. Employment areas of Bioinformatics Engineering graduates include:


Bioinformatics graduates can do jobs in 3 High-tech Parks (under construction) in Mymensingh division (Mymensingh, Jamalpur, Netrokona) where thousands of IT experts will be required.

National (Govt.):

  • ICT wings of different agricultural organizations (e.g. BARI, BRRI, BINA, BFRI, BJRI, BSRI, BARC, BTRI, BLRI, SRDI, FRI),
  • ICDDRB, National Cancer Institute Bangladesh, BioInformatics institute
  • Banks, Universities, Colleges, and many more…

National (Non-Govt.):

USAID Agricultural Extension Support Activity, Bangladesh Institute of ICT in Development (BIID), Samsung, IBM, Different Software Companies in Bangladesh (e.g. DataSoft, Tiger IT, ReliSource, BJIT, Vizrt, SELISE etc.), Grameen Intel (ICT and Agriculture), Grameen Phone, Banglalink, Robi, Pharmaceuticals and many more…


The National Academies of (Science, Engineering, and Medicine, USA), Research divisions of Hospitals, Biopharmaceutical companies, Pharmaceuticals, Universities, Research centers, Samsung, IBM, FAO, WHO, Google, and many more…

4. Job Positions

Job positions (local and international) of the graduates of Bioinformatics Engineering degree include:

Genomic Database Engineer, Biological Data Visualization Engineer, Computational Biologist, BioSecurity Research Scientist, BioDatabase Engineer, Genome Analyst, Bioinformatics Analyst, Bioinformatics Research Scientist, Computational Immunologist, Genomic Information Engineer, Software Engineer, Database Administrator, Programmer, Data Scientist, System Analyst, Data Centre Engineer, Database Engineer, Web Engineer, Network Engineer, Computer Vision researcher,  Robotics researcher, Machine learning researcher, ICT Teacher (universities, colleges, schools), ICT education Cadre, General BCS, NLP researcher, IoT Engineer, Scientific officer, Researcher, ICT consultant and many more…


Bioinformatics Engineering will open a new era in Bangladesh. These graduates will have huge opportunity to do prestigious jobs in various exciting fields (academic, research, industry, entrepreneurship, etc.) of CSE and bioinformatics both in Bangladesh and abroad.