The Department of Computer Science & Mathematics was founded in 2002 to provide a focus for research and teaching in computer science, information technology and mathematics. The academic program of the department includes the teaching of computer science and mathematics in the undergraduate and post-graduate students of the different faculties of this university. Since the beginning, the department has grown to a total of eleven full time teachers. The undergraduate students of the faculty of Agricultural Engineering and Technology has the option to obtain a degree in Agricultural Engineering with major in computer science during the last three semesters. The department is actively involved in a three-year project offering one year post-graduate diploma in Information and Communication Technology which is financed by the Ministry of Science, Information and Technology, People’s Republic of Bangladesh.  The Department is offering M.S. degree in Computer Science from the January – June, ’06 semester. Attempts are being made to offer long and short term diploma and certificate courses on computer science and information technology to the teachers, officers, students and other staffs of this university. The department has a number of highly qualified and foreign-trained academic personnel, who on concerted and sincere efforts offers courses on computer science and mathematics to the student in different faculties of this university. The department has a modern computer laboratory with large number of computers and up-to-date software from where utility services are provided to researchers of this university. The multi dimensional academic background of the teaching staff, their research activities and the dynamic course-curriculum will make it a foremost department in this university.