Mr. Jaionto  Karmokar
Mr. Jaionto Karmokar

Lecturer Contact No : 01721614219
Department of Computer Science and Mathematics Email :
Faculty of Agricultural Engineering & Technology
Research Interest:   Bioinformatics, Computational Fluid Dynamics,  Heat and Mass Transfer, Force and Free Convection of Fluid Dynamics.
B.Sc (Honours)
University of Rajshahi
M.Sc (Thesis)
University of Rajshahi
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Worked in a thesis project on “The Forced and Free Convection of Fluid”.

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02 Apr, 2017 -
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Jaionto Karmokar, Md. Abdul Aziz and M. A. Haque, Mixed Convection in a Laminar flow of incompressible Fluid, Journal of Computer and Mathematical Sciences, Vol.7(5), 284-293, 2016.

Jaionto Karmokar, Sk Abdulla-Al-Faisul and Mst Ayrin Akter, Analytic Approach in solving Steady Laminar Flow of Fluid over Stretching Sheet, International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research, Volume 6, 1310-1313, 2015.

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Agrani Bank Gold Medel Award University of Rajshahi Faculty First (Science Faculty) 21.09.2016
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